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Mac Attack


I bought Mac Attack as a 4 year old from Kilnhanger Stables in April 2012 after losing my 25 year old horse very suddenly in February. Initially I went to see another horse for sale at Kilnhanger, but missed him by 24 hours (which I was kept fully informed of before my visit), and having talked to Lynn in depth about my needs (I had been ill during 2011) she sourced Mac for me.


I can't say I was planning to buy anything so young, but he has been so well brought on and is such a young gentlemen that he often puts older horses to shame. Lynn was extraordinary helpful and honest, and was also determined to ensure I had the right horse for me - something that was especially important after what I had been through healthwise.


I was able to see and ride him a number of times before making a final decision, and even tried another of her horses as a comparison at her suggestion. Lynn is still always there for help and advice if I need it, and does love to hear how her horses are getting on.


I have already recommended Kilnhanger to a number of people, and 1 of them has recently bought a horse from Lynn and is also really pleased with him.


If you are looking for a horse or pony and want to feel secure that you are dealing with someone honest and who has terrific animals, then I would recommend you check out Kilnhanger Stables.