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Hi Lynn,


I thought I would give you an update on how the gorgeous Rover is getting on.... he is such a softy it is untrue, he happily lets you pick up all his feet and groom him, doesn't flinch at anything and is so calm and settled now it is lovely to see. He is 100% in traffic and we have had some lovely hacks - we have been riding him 6 days a week!


He's beginning to school quite well his transitions are brill and Laurie had her first fall this week jumping - he looked devastated that she fell off!!


He's seen the vet (vaccination) farrier, dentist, saddler and he is so lovely with them all, and he is top 'dog' in the field that he shares with two other geldings!


He also follows Laurie around now - it is remarkable I have never seen a partnership like it!! And he's acquired a taste for carrots! We are so pleased with him, thank you so much!!